Clove Oil 100% Pure (94.1% eugenol)- Platinum Pro

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Oil of Cloves Platinum Pro

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100% pure with 94.1% Eugenol content by The Oil of Cloves Company.

 *Free Shipping Australia Wide*

 100% Pure – Eugenol Rating 94.1% - Australia’s highest quality oil means you only need half as much as other brands.

 Money Back Guarantee – This high eugenol oil of cloves is most effective mould cleaner you’ve ever tried or your money back.

Developed by The Oil of Cloves Company after years of research.

There is no other oil on the market of this quality or strength. Developed following years of real world mould treatment and testing. We guarantee this oil is the most effective mould killer on the market & requires the use of less oil.

Suggested Use: Spray a dilution of 1/4 teaspoon Oil of Cloves diluted with 1 litre water to affected surface to clean mould and inhibit regrowth.

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